S4M is a specialist in the field of safety and the correct way to distribute tools and equipment in the workplace. We do not stop at simply providing the installation of your distribution platform, we also take responsibility for its complete management.

We are able to ease your workload by providing a range of complementary services, to ensure your units always dispense the correct products at the right time.

MAINTENANCE SUPPORT - Maintenance and repairs

As with any unit, good maintenance will have a positive effect on your tool dispensing unit. S4M offers various maintenance contracts that include maintenance and that stipulate at what interval the repairs should take place.



Do you need assistance with creating new products or employees, adding restrictions or with product management? Or do you need temporary assistance with processing large amounts of data? S4M can help you either on a one-off basis or structurally, to keep your data up to date.


OPERATIONAL SUPPORT - Management and restocking

To ensure that the products are always optimally available, you can call on our Operational Support. We will make sure that:

• new products are ordered on time

• the tool dispensing units are stocked on time and remain stocked

• overuse or under use is avoided.

Clear agreements are made upfront, regarding the minimum and maximum stock levels, as well as the days on which restocking will take place.


INSIGHTS IN DISTRIBUTION - Optimization of the tool and equipment dispensing unit

The 'Insights' service includes professional guidance and advice for the duration of the project. Based on the use, a number of reports are generated, such as the use per tool dispensing unit and per user, stock rotation, etc.

S4M analyses these figures for you and makes recommendations about the type and quantity of products in one location, the minimum and maximum stock, the position of the unit(s), etc. This information is used to increase the efficiency of the distribution solution and to optimize the stock level.