The locker dispensing unit

The S4M locker dispensing units are manufactured from highly durable HPL (high pressure laminate). This system is better suited for distributing larger tools and equipment such as drills, grinding wheels, safety shoes, helmets, parkas, work trousers, full-face masks, welding helmets, full-body harnesses and motor units.

Employees are not only able to collect materials, but also return materials (e.g. return a full-body harness for inspection, a gas detector to be charged, etc.)

The locker units are available in different configurations. Within 1 unit you can choose from configurations of 5 up to 48 lockers. Locker units and quicklocks can also be combined within 1 unit. There is also the option to have lockers fitted with a number of accessories such as a 220v power socket.

One unit is the master unit. This is fitted with a control panel with an integrated industrial PC, a 19-inch touchscreen and an access module with a personal badge, PIN code or fingerprint.