Automatic distribution solutions for all your tools and equipment

Always have the most important items in stock and accessible in your workplace 24/7. Worry-free automated stock and dispensing system for your employees. S4M solutions will do the rest.

Opt for on-site management
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Why automatic distribution?

Cost-effective and worry-free stock management.
Switch to the automated distribution of your tools and equipment in the workplace.
Our intelligent solutions take care not only of X, but also of Y.

  • 24/7 service

    S4M not only provides an automated system for dispensing and returning goods, you can also contact us for all additional services (maintenance, restocking, training, stock optimization, etc.).

  • Always the correct distribution

    At any time of the day or night your employees have access to the tools and equipment required to carry out their work. You want to set certain restrictions? You can specify by site, department, job or employee, who will be given access to which tools or equipment

  • Flexible and axpandable

    Due to its modular character, our solutions can be expanded to keep pace with the growth of your organization. There is always the option to expand existing systems or to integrate new developments.

  • Cost-effective

    Cost-efficiency is central to every aspect of our service. This allows each step of the process to be carried out as cost-effectively as possible. For us, the quality of our service and value creation for your company is always a priority. With a proven ROI, you are guaranteed a high return on your investment.

  • Brand and product independent

    Any product you require can be placed in the tool dispensing unit. You are not bound by the stock fill we offer, you decide what you require!

  • Problem-solving

    Equipment such as MROs, tools and personal protective equipment are often a major challenge when it comes to management and distribution. We make sure that the tools and equipment are always available, functional and safe.

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A purchasing service for your convenience

The distribution solutions provide you at all times with an overview of the consumption per product and per user, as well as the current, on-site stock. This information enables you to reduce your stock. Registration per user also significantly reduces any hidden stock. If you are also responsible for supplying to subcontractors, it has now become easy for you to map their consumption. Experience has proved that installing a tool dispensing unit leads to considerable savings on tools and equipment.


Optimal management means that your tools and equipment are always available, functional and safe. It ensures your employees can continue with the work they need to finish, at any specific time. The return function can be integrated into a waste management policy, so the tool dispensing units will guarantee a reduction in lost or poorly maintained materials. In fact, good material management contributes to increased productivity and a decrease in tool and material costs.

Your logistics partner

The tool dispensing units are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they can be placed at different locations. This speeds up internal distribution significantly. Tools and equipment can be returned in the same way. All information is saved regarding the user, the distribution time and the return time. If you combine this with a link between the correct tools and equipment to the user and/or person's work, it significantly reduces the risk of errors thanks to the distribution solutions.

Your employees

There is no need to drag tons of tools and equipment to each site. You simply collect what you need from the tool dispensing unit on your way or on-site. Worrying whether you are using the right tools or equipment is now a thing of the past, as the tool dispensing unit will only let you collect the correct tools and equipment for that specific job. Would you prefer to use the same tools and equipment you used in the past? No problem, because the tool dispensing unit remembers exactly what you collected in the past.

How does it work?

S4M products can be used as a stand-alone solution or they can be part of our overall tool and equipment management. They are ideal if you need unmanned management of your own resources/materials 24/7.

All tool distribution units and the associated software are developed, assembled, installed and maintained by our own staff. Even restocking products can be provided by S4M.

Voor gebruikers

  • 02 Select your product

    Use the simple touchscreen control to choose your product.

  • 03 Remove product from the locker

    Remove the selected product from the locker.

Voor beheerders

  • 01 Easy configuration of the unit

    Customize the unit to suit your company's requirements.

  • 02 Product & stock management

    The entire product management of the unit is in your hands. You determine which products specific users are allowed to view and select.

  • 03 Reports

    Use the analysis software to generate your own reports.

Take a detailed look at how it works

Customized for your organization

Custom vending machine

You are important to S4M, as we are genuinely interested in you and your challenges. All stakeholders are considered to be an involved party, including management, purchasers, safety officers and users. We like to engage with you in order to increase availability, optimize maintenance, increase safety and ensure transparency.

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